Wills & Administering your Estate

Everybody should have a will, but even more importantly anyone who owns any property, whether it is a house or just an asset of some value, should make sure they have a will dealing with that property if they die. Wills can be a simple one page document or as detailed as you want and we will be able to assist you in preparing a will at a very reasonable cost.

If a loved one or someone close to you has died you may need help in administering their estate and dealing with the assets they leave behind. It can be a complicated process and often takes place when you least want to deal with such things. If you are an executor of an estate we can help you with your legal requirements and provide advice in administering the will. If a Grant of Probate is required we can prepare the application to the court and deal with transferring or selling a property if that is what’s required.

Let’s Work Together

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