The complainant worked as a prep chef at the Greenway Manor Hotel and lodged a complaint that she had been subjected to sexual harassment and discrimination from another employee. She claimed that she had made a number of complaints to her employer, but nothing came of it. Because of this the claimant said that she was forced to resign from her job.

The respondent hotel stated in reply that it took such steps as were practicable to address her complaints. They did not, however, instigate an investigation into the complaints.

The complainant grounded her complaint under section 77 of the Employment Equality Act, 1998.

On hearing the evidence, the adjudicating officer was satisfied that the complainant endured inappropriate touching, physical contact and comments of a sexually explicit and suggestive nature from the employee of the hotel.

As the hotel did not conduct an investigation, it was handicapped in disputing the evidence of the complainant. Accordingly, the adjudicator found that the respondent hotel did not do enough to stop the harassment continuing. These offensive actions by the other employee and the lack of response by the hotel employer in addressing the complaints, resulted in the complainant being forced to resign her job.

The complainant was awarded €20,000 compensation for the distress she was subjected to.

Nadine Harty v Greenway Manor Hotel WRC ADJ-00036502