International Bar Association Conference

The International Bar Association Conference was hosted in Dublin last week with a large attendance of Lawyers and Solicitors from all around the world. There were a number of events on during the week where different committees and groups met to discuss developments in each of their particular areas of speciality.

It was interesting to note that all though most Solicitors were from large international firms, much of the practice and procedure discussed is that same as that carried out by Solicitors in Ireland involved in commercial transactions. For example, the basic principles that apply to the purchase of a Spanish company by a Canadian multinational, also apply to the purchase of a Carlow company by a Kilkenny one. It is mergers and acquisitions on a much smaller scale, but the same elements of confidentiality, due diligence, asset purchase contracts, share purchase agreements and similar all apply.

It is quite common now for Irish based Solicitors to have to review international contracts and provide advice to their clients. Anyone advising an Irish company trading or selling into the UK or Europe, or buying goods from the US, advises on international contracts on a daily basis. Organisations like the International Bar Association assist Solicitors in Ireland to meet international colleagues who can provide instant and accessible legal advice on the laws in different countries.

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